New Holstein School District - Community and Legal Notices New Holstein School District - Community and Legal Notices en-us Academic Standards Notice Standards Notice 2017.pdf Annual Notice of Special Education Referral and Evaluation Procedures Notice of Sp Ed Referral and Evaluation Procedures.pdf Asbestos Notification Notification 2017.pdf Career and Technical Education Notice and Technical Education Notice.pdf Meningococcal Disease Information Disease Information.pdf National Lunch Program Free/Reduced Lunch Application Lunch Program Free Reduced Lunch Application.pdf Recruiter Access to Student Records Access to Student Records.pdf Title 1 Notice I Notification.pdf Student Attendance Attendance.pdf Emergency Anaphylaxis Plan for Stock Epinephrine Holstein stock Epi pen2.pdf Student Records Notice FERPA Records Notice.pdf Indoor Air Quality Notice Air Quality Form.pdf Student Bullying Policy & Procedure Notice Bullying Policy and Procedure Notice.pdf Title I - Parents Right to Know I - Parents Right to Know.pdf Student Non-Discrimination and Access to Equal Education Opportunity Nondiscrimination and Access to Equal Education Opportunity.pdf English Language Learners Proficiency Language Learners Proficiency.pdf Student Privacy and Parental Access To Information Privacy and Parental Access to Information.pdf Student Release Time for Religious Instruction Release Time for Religious Instruction.pdf Search and Seizure and Seizure.pdf Student Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedure Notice Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedure Notice.pdf Student Use of Personal Communication Devices Use of Personal Communication Devices.pdf Special Education Program Education Program.pdf Student Hazing Notice Hazing.pdf Title I - Parent Participation in Program I Parent Participation in Program.pdf Wellness Homeless Students Students.pdf