New Holstein School District - Community and Legal Notices New Holstein School District - Community and Legal Notices en-us Academic Standards Notice // Standards Notice 2017.pdf Annual Notice of Special Education Referral and Evaluation Procedures // Notice of Sp Ed Referral and Evaluation Procedures.pdf Asbestos Notification // Notification 2017.pdf Career and Technical Education Notice // and Technical Education Notice.pdf Meningococcal Disease Information // Disease Information.pdf National Lunch Program Free/Reduced Lunch Application // Lunch Program Free Reduced Lunch Application.pdf Recruiter Access to Student Records // Access to Student Records.pdf Title 1 Notice // I Notification.pdf Student Attendance // Attendance.pdf Emergency Anaphylaxis Plan for Stock Epinephrine // Holstein stock Epi pen2.pdf Student Records Notice FERPA // Records Notice.pdf Indoor Air Quality Notice // Air Quality Form.pdf Student Bullying Policy & Procedure Notice // Bullying Policy and Procedure Notice.pdf Title I - Parents Right to Know // I - Parents Right to Know.pdf Student Non-Discrimination and Access to Equal Education Opportunity // Nondiscrimination and Access to Equal Education Opportunity.pdf English Language Learners Proficiency // Language Learners Proficiency.pdf Student Privacy and Parental Access To Information // Privacy and Parental Access to Information.pdf Student Release Time for Religious Instruction // Release Time for Religious Instruction.pdf Search and Seizure // and Seizure.pdf Student Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedure Notice // Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedure Notice.pdf Student Use of Personal Communication Devices // Use of Personal Communication Devices.pdf Special Education Program // Education Program.pdf Student Hazing Notice // Hazing.pdf Title I - Parent Participation in Program // I Parent Participation in Program.pdf Wellness // Homeless Students // Students.pdf